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Idaho Falls Mechanic

Those looking for an Idaho Falls mechanic that can perform a complete inspection, analyze the condition of a car or truck’s operating systems and offer prompt and professional repair service need look no further than Empey’s Truck & Auto Repair. This local company has been in business for nearly a quarter century and is the one-stop repair service center for all makes and models.

No Substitute For Experienced Mechanics

A car or truck can suffer innumerable problems during its lifetime, and there is nothing more frustrating than the inability to locate an auto mechanic who understands exactly how to fix them. At Empey’s the personnel are licensed and trained to diagnose any and all problems associated with the engine, transmission, brakes, electrical and cooling systems. And their expertise extends across the board when it comes to make and model of vehicle, its engine type and complexity of its computer controls. Around the community of Idaho Falls mechanic ability for repair and maintenance of automobiles has its home at the Empey’s service center.

Trusted Service And Fair Price Quotes

Empey’s job is to to have it “fixed right the first time”. Their slogan means they are committed to fair prices, rapid service and a guarantee on the parts they install. Whether it be a roadside emergency or just a winterizing job on the company truck, the mechanics at Empey’s are dedicated to honest repair work, and will detail the required operation in writing.

Certified Parts And Specialized Training

The service personnel at Empey’s has been trained in the use of certified parts and are experienced in the specialized diagnostics required on today’s vehicles. Customers can rest assured they are getting the royal treatment when their car or truck is serviced at this NAPA Certified AutoCare center, and only the proper repair procedures and installed parts for their particular vehicle are used.

Searching for an Idaho Falls mechanic familiar with any make and model of car or truck and ready to perform expert repair on any part of the vehicle is a short search indeed. A proud member of the local community, Empey’s Truck & Auto Repair is committed to keeping the city’s vehicles in top condition with fair prices and professional service.

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