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Electrical Testing

It's crazy but over the past couple weeks we have seen a ton of corrosion related issues! This Jeep Patriot was just the most recent example. This Jeep had to be towed into the shop because it would crank over but the engine would not start. While performing our diagnostic testing we found that the Automatic Shutdown Relay (ASD Relay) had so much electrical corrosion that one of the terminal ends had broken off! If you look close in the picture you can see the green growth on the relay. The needed repair was to clean up all the corrosion, extract the broken terminal end, and replace the relay. Once this was done the Jeep Patriot would start right up and run with no issues! If your vehicle will not start don't just assume that the battery or the starter is bad. Have a ASE certified technician near you diagnose your car or truck!

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